Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to....... ME!!!!


pretty pictures to start the celebration of my birth

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So darling boyfriend if you have managed to miss any wish list posts you may be cutting it fine for UPS to deliver on time for my birthday.
In the eloquent words of Miss Lily Allen
" I want loads of clothes and fuck loads of diamonds"
Only a VERY brave man would attempt to buy me clothes and diamonds well if you win lotto on the weekend BLING BLING! In the meantime this should point you in the right direction. Or this or even this

Your mantra could be "Marc Jacobs makes a girl happy" 
(running low on Daisy too)
Am kind of obsessed with cameras right now, not sure which I would like more out of the Holga or Diana but the Fuji Instamax is number 1.
On man now that I have discovered all I want is cameras.....
I'd also love a large (white) ceramic Maneki Neko (approx 25cm)
Oh and you gotta love, all these books are in stock
So lover boy, that should help, no thinking involved best you get to work on your timing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A break from your normal programming

 know I complain, a lot, about my current living situation. I want open living, a yard with shade that Sadie can play in without having to worry about dog poo, single story. It's what I want. 
In saying that I know how lucky and fortunate I am to have the house that we live in. A house with electricity, heating and cooling. A house with running water.
My heart aches when I watch the news and see what the people of Haiti are dealing with right now. I really can't comprehend the situation and the fact that the small amount of doctors and nurses are still having to use a triage system to treat the sick, injured and dying is beyond me. It's 2010. And up to a million children left orphaned. Heartbreaking. 
I came across this awesome project (via that Double Take Clothing have started. I'm not going to preach but if you're after a new tshirt, even if it's just for the gym, these are pretty cool in my eyes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keep wishing

I had massive intentions of working on that wish list, but mouths to feed bums to change blah blah blah.
I was thinking about this loveliness though

I really don't think I will skip a month's home loan repayments for this GORGEOUS top, but am thinking I might attempt some D.I.Y. Down to Trimmings and Remnants I shall to grab me some tulle and sequins. Now I wonder if I will get this made before I own a Chanel???
Oh yeah the original top above is by Valentino (just in case you were wondering)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishing on Wednesday

So with jut over a week to go thought I had better work on the current wish list, but with a house full of chicks, more than 2 minutes to myself is a miracle, SO a quick addition to the list.
I have been wanting one of these retro phones for AGES. 

Technically the spot where I want to place it, doesn't have a telephone port, but that is a minor problem it just seems so glamourous to be chatting away on one of these babies. Oh and the fact that I could always find the bloody phone would be a bonus too!

just because

loves it

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addition to the wishlist

Although I rarely use cookbooks, thanks to I would like this book. More importantly I would LOVE to see wedding photos as I believe Miss Dahl is now Mrs Cullum after marry Jamie Cullum, oh imagine the sweet sweet music he would, mm now I can't think of a word because everything seems saucy and my mind is now in the gutter.....



OH MY GAWD........
Peanut Butter Lindt Balls
So i'm kinda glad I only just found out these little babies existed, but I'm going to hunt them down FOR SURE

Current Obsession

Ok I admit Sadie is an ongoing obsession, but I could loose hours at Big Huge Labs .
It is the coolest photo fun site, it's free and unlike other free photo editing sites you don't end up with a crappy stamp on your photos. You can do movie posters, mosaics, magazine covers but I'm lovin the photobooth style

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hint hint

Apparently I am the hardest person to buy for, I can't understand this as I ALWAYS want something. I think I have been making wish lists since the day I could write, the fact that some online stores now have the function to create wish lists while window shopping (or is it called browser shopping?) is the best computer game ever. I currently have lists at revolve clothing, shopbop, bloomingdales and nordstroms. A regular on any of these lists is MARC JACOBS.
A way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, mine is via the arm toting a MJ creation. I'm currently in LURVE with the Petal To The Metal range. Am thinking this key pouch would be a price appropriate addition to my life.

Am also running low on Daisy and I would love the Marc Jacobs Memoir book.
While I'm talking books there is the Who What Where book and The Beautiful Fall

Would also like to add some some House Of Harlow 1960 to my collection (I will admit I have already pre ordered myself a birthday present from the new range!)

Something I had forgotten to put on my original Santa list. A Fuji instamax it's the updated Polaroid and oh so cool.  I also want a Holga, to be honest I don't know a lot about them but have seen them used on various blogs and think I could have a long lasting relationship with one.
There's about a million things I need (?) from Kikki K like the acrylic box and pretty much everything from the "My Series" organisers.
To coincide with my 2010 goals I'd like to do a resin course or pilates lessons (and the time to do both). Oh yeah and I want to do a screen printing class/course too.

Am still in love with these angel wings from have you met miss jones? but where to put them is the biggest problem (oh and the three hundred dollar factor).
So beloved family and friends if that doesn't help you I don't know what will....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday wish list 2010

While I have a search and update the leftovers from my Santa wish list and turn it into my birthday list here's something to think about.
In 6 years and 3 weeks I will be (O.M.G.) 40, so I thought I'd give P plenty of time to save up for one of these babies.

To make things easy it's a Chanel 2.55 (in the large size) as modeled by Nicole Richie.
Oh and just something to keep in mind I am more than willing to accept this anytime, I have plenty of time to think of a 40th birthday present!


I'm not really big on making resolutions. After all isn't the saying "Resolutions were made to be broken"? So I'm going to set myself some goals for Twenty Ten.
My main aspiration for the year is to be able to move houses and head to the west. Closer to my family and friends. Close to cafes and local pubs, cool ones not ones filled with pokie machines and pensioners. To achieve this goal finances need to be in order. BORING. So 2010 will start with a big bunch of "stuff" being put on eBay and hopefully I can try to organise something around Miss S so I can do a couple of car boot sale type markets.

The other important thing on my agenda is ME. Obviously the last 14 months have been all about Miss Sadie and while her importance is no less, I am hoping to squeeze some time in for myself.

FITNESS- Ok so I want to, NEED to, lose some weight. With a little one and a partner that works 60 hours a week, joining a gym isn't really an option so I am going to make the most out of the Wii Fit , also walking and pushing a pram. Hopefully I will find a way to squeeze in a pilates class, this is something I have wanted to do for a long time 2010 seems like a good time to start. I hate scales as I think they leave too much room for disappointment and lets face it, vanity will be my motivation. In a world in which I talked kgs, ideally I would like to lose about 25 kgs, but in my world I would like to comfortably fit into Country Road clothes and be able to walk into the change room without paranoia and an anxiety attack.

This kind of works with another goal for 2010 and that is to stop buying cheap items clothing, just because it fits. ARGGGHHH i have so many things in my wardrobe that I really dislike but purchased at the time because it fit and was cheap. Those items are waiting to be photographed for ebay, or heading to the salvos. Time to concentrate on quality not quantity.

Another thing on my agenda for the year is to get creative again. I want to learn how to use my camera to it's full potential and learn how to use photoshop. I'd also like to do some sewing, clothes for Sadie and myself, toys for gifts oh the list goes on. I'd also like to do a resin jewellery class. In turn if I can get the creative juices flowing I hope to make some money by selling handmade goodies, thus bringing us back to goal number one of financial fortune.