Monday, May 31, 2010

point and shoot, how I missed you

We're still here and yes there are still boxes to unpack in the hallway. 
The problem, you see, is all the essentials are unpacked and have settled into their new home. I am my own worst enemy as the boxes that are left to unpack I have labelled "BJ's crap to sort". YUCK. I am also realizing the amount of things I have that I really do not need, so bring on spring and car boot sale season!!!!

I've missed point and shoot for the last couple of weeks, I think I have a good enough excuse.
I mean did you really want to see photos like this.

So I thought all the essentials were all unpacked until Saturday evening when Sadie brought something to my attention:

"Sadie did Mummy forget to unpack some paper"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The final countdown

I'm surprised I haven't received any sympathy cards this week. 
So many people dislike moving, or packing. 

Despite Sadie and I both being sick, it hasn't been too bad. Although I am slightly embarrassed at the amount of magazines I have packed up. Seriously!!
I've been up at 5.30 most mornings trying to get things out of high cupboards before Sadie wakes, she has taken a fondness to climbing so I don't want to add any more encouragement. 

I thought I would struggle trying to get things done with Sadie at my heels, but she has been ace. I've left empty boxes of different sizes out for her and see has had fun entertaining herself.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Wow playing along in the bloggers without make up project feels like I was part of a revolution.
Thanks so much lovely ladies for the beautiful comments. It's exactly what I needed as I take a short break from packing.

I am really looking forward to having a couple of spare hours to go through and check out the other entries. To be totally honest I am looking forward to a couple of spare minutes to put my feet up and relax.

Thanks again chicks for the compliments. Back to packing.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm really doing this!!!

Honestly, I thought about forgetting this post. Several times in fact.  

Jodie over at Mummy Mayhem has declared today Bloggers Without Make Up Day. I think it's a great idea, but slightly scary and intimidating, for me anyway.

I love make up. I love the colours, the textures, the  transformation and the artistry of it. 
I have collected make up books and have a folder of clippings of made up faces.
I have done several make up courses and worked for a cosmetic company.
I think Kevin Aucion was a true artist, Napoleon Perdis I don't think so highly of. 
I wear waterproof mascara to swimming. 
Call me crazy but I feel "neater" with make up, it would be a very rare occasion for me to leave the house without some colour. Even when I'm bumming around at home I'll dust on some mineral foundation and mascara.

So peeps  without any her hesitation here I am in all my naked face glory. 

I should mention I do have mascara on, sorry it was habit. 
Or maybe I was trying to divert attention from my brows that are well overdue for a waxing!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Procrastination A+

So I've run out of boxes and am running out of space to put packed boxes. And today I have run out of momentum. Up at 5.40 to get some more stuff packed up before Sadie started assisting me, now I just want to sit on the sofa. Sadie doesn't and therefor doesn't want me to either.
Would love to sit down for twenty minutes and flick through a magazine, and I have plenty to look at.
All this time I have been accusing P of being a hoarder, but you would hard pressed to find a box that doesn't have magazines in it. Do they make patches for mag addicts, I wonder?
What to do with all these mags. Maybe I could rip them all up and make myself some paper mac he boxes so I can continue packing.......

Monday, May 10, 2010

Point & Shoot

We are on the move!!!! In less than two weeks we are moving into the house I really really really wanted. Thank you universe.
Woo Hoo 
I want to shout it from the roof tops, but I don't have time. In the next two weeks in between working and birthdays and hoping that my dear friend has her baby early (to accommodate my needs) and trying to meet another friend's new baby, I need to pack this WHOLE house. Wowza.

So I skipped a lazy mother's day morning and started packing.
I wish I had something prettier to share for my point and shoot but my mother's day present is an I.O.U. that I have to wait a couple of weeks for.

So kiddies for the next couple of weeks you will either get entry overload as I try to use up all the extra borrowed energy I will be living on or there will be tumbleweeds rolling by this blog.

I'm gonna take 5 minutes to check out the other point & shooters, then it's back to newspaper, packing tape and boxes for me

Friday, May 7, 2010

To market to market

Tomorrow is the debut of one of my friends newest ventures and the newest market on the block.
It's the Modish Creators Market, located at the Malvern Townhall and it's an extravaganza of lovely handmade bits and pieces. I already have a wish list compiled, so am very much looking forward to it and hoping it's a success for Kylie.
There's heaps more info on the Modish Market blog here
and also some really interesting interviews with some  stall holders.
Oh and I didn't even mention there is going to be a mini food hall with loads of yummy treats
I'll be back to share my goodies.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Starlight Starbright


I was discussing future work plans with my old boss a couple of weeks ago, she asked me if I had any plans to resume my previous role in the near future. 
I'm not, sure the perks were great but I am more than happy to have Sadie as my boss for a while longer (don't tell her she's the boss, I think I have her fooled).

This got me thinking about what I'd be doing with my time once she heads off to school (still a few years away yet) and I get past the water works. 
Ideally I'd like to continue (paid) work a couple of days a week and also do some volunteer work in between.
There are so many charities that need help, and so many that I would like to help but there's only so much time in the day and the Starlight Foundation is one I've always had a soft spot for. 
Especially now having a child of my own, I am so blessed, she's a healthy little munchkin.

I can't (and honestly don't want to) imagine what it must be like to be a parent with an ill child. The Starlight peeps aren't working on curing diseases, but what they do is put smiles on kids faces when they really need it.

So I jumped on their website to see what kind of things you can do and low and behold they were in need of people for Starlight Day. I didn't hesitate, I signed up straight away.
So tomorrow I'll be selling merchandise for Starlight Day and I am really looking forward to it.

Keep an eye out for the yellow and purple, if you don't happen to come across any sellers
you can donate on their site

The waiting game

So we're still waiting to here about the new place. I dislike waiting.
In the meantime I have started packing a few things but I am mentally packing while I drive, while I sleep.
I do like to hold onto certain things (magazines I am most guilty of), but the man of the house is a serious hoarder. Shoes, clothes, I can't even begin to describe the amount of "paperwork" he has and then there is the drawer of lotto tickets!!!!

So once we get the call to say it's ours (I'm willing it to myself), I can't wait for the BIG clean up
My theory is less stuff = less mess = less cleaning = more time!
That is one equation I can work with.

Now just have to wait for the phone to ring........

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


(Image - 3AW)

OK so I am fully aware that envy is one of the seven deadly sins that I am most guilty of committing, but I have a severe case of hair envy, I'm not even going to talk about her body.

My hair and I aren't friends at the moment, it doesn't want to stay on my head. I have abused it over the years with colouring, bleaching, straightening, you name it I've done it. So I think it is now paying me back by leaving. If it doesn't stop I'll have to give Warnie a call. Yeah Yeah

Monday, May 3, 2010

A jam packed Point and shoot

Choosing just one picture for this weeks point & shoot was almost impossible. 
I spent way too long uploading these pics into big huge labs to create this mosaic. I love this site but it is VERY slow to upload.

It certainly was a jam packed weekend around here.

Saturday was Sadie's half birthday, which coincided with the local monthly farmer's market. As a bonus Daddy managed to get out of working for the morning, so we headed down for some Dutch Poffetjes and fresh fruit and vegies. I usually buy the most delicious strawberry jam from this market, but because my brain is so jam packed with forward thinking, I forgot it. BUGGER!

The weather on Saturday was unreal, the morning was really chilly but sunny at the same time. By the afternoon the sun had taken the chill out of the air and it was a lovely day.

After the market we headed to our open inspection. My heart sank as we turned into the street, as the house was surrounded by loads of people. I loved the pictures that I had seen on the real estate site, as soon as I walked into the house it felt right, I want it. (Veruca moment - I WANT IT DADDY AND I WANT IT NOW). So an application has ben handed in and now we just have to wait for a phone call. So an anxious wait it is.

We then headed down to the village in Yarraville for lunch, and I had possibly the best pumpkin and spinach salad ever at the corner store (or is it shop?). 
I also managed to sneak into the Yarraville Market to purchase this photo block from Susannah Tucker. I love her work so much, I already have a collection of her butterfly cards, but I always seem to miss out on the dandelion one every time I see her at markets. Not today though.

Sunday was just as busy, I tried to do as much housework as possible, but the Cyclone Sadie wasn't having it, so I baked a batch of banana  choc chip cupcakes and we headed off to the in-laws for a last minute farewell dinner as they are heading to Portugal tomorrow to tend to Phil's sick grandmother.

Whoah, I just found a second to breathe , I have another FULL week ahead of me, I'm hoping at some stage I can find a spare half hour to check out the debut edition of maeve magazine, but I might just choose that half hour to sleep!

Time to check out what everyone else has done for point and shoot, ooh is that the time, It's actually time to head off to work!