Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome mid thirties (eek)
My lil Sis loves herself some arts and crafts

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hair dilema

This time 10 years ago my hair was cut, slashed, razored, coloured beyond repair, every shade from blonde to black and then right back again. Over the past few years though I've relaxed a bit and beside the odd colour here and there my courage with the scissors has disappeared.
This is how my hair currently looks (after being tied back all day and not styled!). When I became a mum I didn't want to cut my hair off as it seemed what most new mothers do. But my hair hasn't changed much over the past couple of years, so I think it's time to face the fear!

At the beginning of this week I was super keen to chop it all off, and love Ashlee Simpson's new do

But I think I have chicken out a bit and am now thinking more along this cut

Then again, I might just come back with the ends neatened up......

So do you every come home with scissor regret or do you say "Stuff It"?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Dream House

My taste in interior styling is so contradictory. 

While I love stark industrial rooms, think polish concrete floors, white walls and stainless steel, I also love kooky kitsch and sometimes impractical pieces. 

With that in mind I was beside myself when I came across the below pictures of Meg Matthews place on the Table Tonic blog.

I think I may have a tough time convincing Mr P that pink sofas are a great idea, let alone a Chanel surfboard in the living room.

May just have to settle for one of Meg's divine scarves (baring a very similar resemblance to the Alexander McQueen's I dream of). Oh did somebody say birthday!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed I get my computer back from the computer doctor this week so I can post some pretty pictures. Of course it decided it needed a break just as everyone closed for a nice Christmas break and for some reason blogger on iPad will allow me to post pictures sporadically so I'm hoping my computer comes home today, after all it is the beginning of BIRTHDAY WEEK!!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop For Queensland fundraiser

Here's a preview of some of the pieces that will be available.
Most of them retailed around the $50 mark, I am clearing them for $10 a piece or any 3 pieces for $25.

I've also set up a Facebook event titled Shop for Queensland.
I'm having a bit of trouble adding links, as soon as I get the problem fixed I'll add all links.

75% of all takings will be going straight to the appeal fund.

Thanks again

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Shop for Queensland Fundraiser

While I sat almost paralyzed watching the flood coverage last week, I had the constant feeling of wanting to do more. I donated what I could dollar wise but i was still searching for other ways to help. While my heart was breaking it was also swelling with pride as I watched Aussie's band together, strangers helping each other queuing for hours on end to help mop up the smelly sludge that the floods left behind.
So I started thinking.....
A few years back, with a friend of mine, I started up a small business which was a women's clothing range. Time and circumstance were not on our side, and as motherhood became my number 1 priority, we cut our loses and called it a day.
I lost a decent amount of money with this venture and have a section of my parents garage full of stock to show for it.
What I do have is a roof over my head, my health and my family and friends away from harm. This is a lot more than so many hundreds of flood affected victims have.
So I am planning to get as much of this stock up to the people that need it the most. While I plan the logistics and hopefully find someone that is willing to transport it up there I thought I'd try to make that task a little easier and sell some of it and then donate the takings directly to the appeal.
I am holding the open house is Saturday and will put all the details in a separate post tomorrow. In the meantime if any of you lovely readers of mine know anyone heading up to QLD that has a van, a boot or even space for a couple of bags can you please let me know.
Thanks so much
Much love xx

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Hey blogpress, let's see if you work from my phone

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Nearly four years ago to the day, I was in Brisbane, my girlfriend had just moved up there and I remember wondering how I would get my hair washed before the shower timer ran out.
Queensland was suffering from a major drought and the dam levels were devastatingly low.
The contrast is now surreal and what I am watching unfold on the news my friend is watching through her windows. She lives right on the Brisbane River, thankfully in a fourth floor apartment and looking out of her windows is like a postcard. At this point in time it's more like the front page of a newspaper.
While i don't want to brush aside the other areas that have been affected by these terrible floods i still struggle with the fact that one of our capital cities was under water.
This is the moment where you feel helpless as, like when we suffered through the bush fires less than two years ago, you realise mother nature is unstoppable. We just have to ride out the (literal) storm, pray the fatalities don't continue to rise and help with the clean up.

Michelle has shared some photos on her Brisbane on her blog

I'm having some trouble with links so fingers crossed the above one works.
I'd love to add links for the relief fund and various online donations, as soon as I get the problem sorted I'll get to it

Stay safe

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Friday, January 7, 2011


Lazy days, backyard dinners, ice cream,

meeting Dora

and remembering to soak my oats so I can have bircher muesli for breakfast

now if only I could win lotto my week would be perfect.
Should probably buy a ticket....

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Point and Shoot #1

If day 1 of 2011 is anything to go by I think this year will be pretty ace.
On a quick day trip down to the coast Miss S declared "mumma me so happy"

And you know what - me too!

Time to check out what other point & shooters are up to over at
I hope I've done the links correctly, my computer crashed a couple of days after Christmas

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Welcome welcome 2011, 2010 it's time for you to F off!!!

So here we are another new year, another beginning.
I was looking forward to the beginning of 2011. I know the changing of the year will not take away the sadness and heartache that 2010 brought but I hope it heralds a new beginning, a boost of energy and the return of my creativity.

While I feel very little want to reflect on 2010, I can't help but think of how my little baby has turned into a little girl right before my eyes. An independent, funny little person that is full of life.
I've heard so many people say that their children were spoilt over the Christmas season. I will admit that Miss S received more presents than any single child needs, but I am the one that is spoilt. Spoilt with a little girl that is full of love and gratitude, who was just as excited unwrapping a box of Savoy biscuits as she was opening up her new kitchen. I am spoilt with a little girl full of love and gratitude, I'm spoilt with hugs and declarations of love and lots of invites " c'mon mum come to me house".

I haven't really mad any new year resolutions, just to continue to be the best mum,the best me I can be. I may not be perfect but as long as this little one is happy so am I.
Happy 2011 bloggies, I hope you're New Year is full of fun and magic xoxo

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