Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm feeling the fever

I'm a bit over the thousands of reincarnations of the "keep calm" posters but I love this so much
found somewhere on the internet

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Gets Better

The lovely Chantelle posted this over at fatmumslim and I knew I had to share.

It brought tears to my eyes, there were things I could relate to not just for myself but for many friends of mine. I have more than my fair share of gay friends and it breaks my heart at some of the things that they have endured just because of who they love.

Please try to spare a few minutes to watch this video. It's beautiful

Monday, April 18, 2011

You would think being mother to a two year old, school holidays wouldn't mean much.
No siree. 
With one week down and another to go I think I need a break from the school break!


* cookie monster and easter bunny cupcakes,
*spending half a day listing unwanted stuff on ebay (people really do buy anything!!)

*seeing my favourite twins in action, at which can I just mention do teenagers really not feel the cold it was a chilly night in Melbourne last Wednesday and I lost count of the amount of girls that were out in singlets and cut off denim shorts SERIOUSLY!!!!
*donating blood for the first time ever (not bad for someone that hates needles)

*fun times at Werribee Zoo
* top of with a leisurely 5km stroll for fun for the kids

Bring it on Week Two!!

Don't forget to head over to point and shoots new home  Sunny + Scout  
for some more point and shoot action. 

To those enjoying school holidays, good luck this week hope you don't get 
too many "I'm bored" moments xx

Friday, April 8, 2011


Can you believe this Dame is 70 years old today.
Dame Vivienne Westwood you are one of the coolest chicks to grace this planet!
Happy Birthday.

and while we are at it, birthday wishes for tomorrow go to the man that makes me feel like Veruca Salt at the mere mention of his name

Happy Birthday Mr Jacobs

Monday, April 4, 2011

Point and Shoot: A movie date

Friday 2.00p.m. First time at the cinema.

Every time the trailer for "Rango" is on TV Sadie does a little Rango dance, so with 
the Daddy not being at work on Friday arvo off we trotted to the local cinema.

While three toilet breaks was not my idea of fun, having the whole cinema to ourselves 
was awesome and enabled a little two year old to try out a few different seats just to 
get her best viewing position.

We are going to try again in the next week to see Hop, although I expect the cinema 
to be a bit busier and their is nothing more distracting to a child than another child,
 so we'll see how we go.

Point and Shoot has a new home this week so don't think I'm cheating on Fat Mum Slim be sure to head over to Sunny + Scout and check out the worthy new home. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My lucky numbers

Some days I dream of winning lotto so I can buy a nice house with a separate room that I can fill with nice clothes, or to go on a long holiday and stay in fancy hotels, but lately I want my lucky numbers to come up just so I don't have to decide what to cook for dinner every night!