Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello Blue Ivy

I raise a glass to Beyonce and Jay-Z.

All class, ignoring all the offers for a glossy mag spread and introducing their
 new baby to the world opening a tumblr account to show her to their fans.

Just gorgeous, if you want to see more

Monday, February 6, 2012

Think you might like this

Noticing that y'all are fellow Ryan Gosling fans (humans duhhh!!!)
I had to share my lil sis's genius birthday card she made for me last week.
Who needs photoshop when you got scissors and glue????

Hallmark have nothing on you sis.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh my god she's back again

No apologies.

Sometimes life gets busy and somethings got to give.
 For me it's blogs and blogging. 
I get lost in the rabbit hole of blogland sometimes and realise that the quick post I was 
going to read before falling asleep,has lead to multiple links clicked and all of 
a sudden it's the am's and I'm starting to count how many hours sleep I might 
manage to get before the three year old cyclone of energy tells me 
"It's wake up time". 

I realised I never finished publishing holiday snaps and there's been birthdays and Christmas, 
photo challenges and OMG the possible separation of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

As I was looking through some old posts (looking for a link from an old wish list of mine!!!), 
I started reminiscing about days gone by and remembered why I loved blogging
 in the first place - because my brain is like a sieve AND digital photos are 
easier to looking at online than they are to get printed at those 
stupid touch (punch) screen printers!!!

So without further ado, back to it I go.

Catching up, being in the now and general ramblings from my brain oh and 
probably the odd mention of Ryan Gosling

and if it's not a mention, it might just be this image (continuously).